Foreign Language Courses in Gurgaon

Academic services

We  are offering the opportunity to academic institutes to enrich their own linguistic courses with our exhaustive set of services. We will ensure that our comprehensive activities and practices, associated with the best and the new-fangled pedagogies, will make our customers identify as well as to improve their fluency and accuracy in communication. Moreover, our team of native and expert teachers would guide and mentor our students and school to achieve their academic objectives. We are offering the following academic services:

  • Academic Classes: Offering academic courses subjected to existing curriculums i.e. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB through native and experienced teachers.
  • Conversation classes: Specialized team for conversation classes to develop a strong linguistic base.
  • Recruitment: Recruitment of Linguistic faculty/professor/specialized trainer for the academic institute.
  • Fellowship Programs & Workshops: Specialized pedagogy courses for language faculty.
  • Assessment of examinations: Preparing and checking of linguistic examination for academic institutes.