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We are providing following French programs:

One to One Classes – This program caters the needs of Individual learner because in this course primarily a learner can learn start his journey as per his level of understanding. Moreover he can learn as per his pace and time availability. A learner can join this program any time of a year.

Level Programs : This is a systematic base learning on level basis, based on the pedagogy and the curriculum defined by the CEFR like A1.1 Level, A1.2 Level, A2.1 Level and more. However a learner can join any level as per his level of understanding. These are group based programs that are launched periodically.

TEF Program: It’s a comprehensive 11 months program to prepare a student for the TEF examination. This course aims at developing all the four competency areas in language learning (Written Comprehension, Listening, Writing and Speaking-Oral Expression in conversations in an interactive and communicative way.

French Programs

French One-2-One Packs


Pack A 15 Hours Pack2 Weeks CourseA1- B2(Any Level)Fees: Rs 14,500
Pack B 25 Hours Pack4 Weeks CourseA1- B2(Any Level)Fees: Rs 22,000

(Pay in partial mode)

Pack C 32 Hours Pack5 Weeks CourseA1- B2(Any Level)Fees: Rs 27,200 

(Pay in partial mode)



French A1.1 Level Upcoming Batch


Starting on

7th Sep’19

Weekend Batch9:30 AM – 12:30 PM8 Weeks CourseFees: Rs 13,550 
9th Sep’19Weekdays Batch 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM8 Weeks CourseFees: Rs 13,550
TEF canada coaching
 HoursCourse DurationLevels CoverTotal Fee
 55011 Months A1 to B2Rs 85,000/-

TEF 11 Months Program

TEF Program Information

Starting on

1st Oct ’19 Onwards

Morning & Evening batchesWeekdays & Weekend Classes5 Days a WeekTotal Fee: 85,000/-

(Pay Quarterly)

Countries with French as an official language

 Democratic Republic of the Congo,  France,  Canada,  Madagascar ,  Cameroon,  Ivory Coast,  Niger,  Burkina Faso,  Mali,  Senegal,  Chad,  Guinea, Rwanda,  Belgium ,  Burundi,  Benin,  Haiti,  Switzerland,  Togo,  Central African Republic,  Republic of the Congo,  Gabon,  Djibouti