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  • In order to enroll for a course a formal registration needs to be followed that includes candidate basic personal details with photo id and address proof.

  • Under enrollment and to reserve the seat, the candidate needs to pay full payment prior to the start of the course.

  • Enrollments are done on a first come, first served basis.

  • Under the enrollment of general courses, the candidate needs to give a pre-emptive assessment test to let the institute to assess the appropriate course and level as per student’s linguistic needs.

  • Payment can be made in cash, demand draft, debit cards and credit cards or bank transfer. Payment is non-transferable.

  • Once a course has started, student requests for a change in level or course will be accepted only on the consultation and approval of the associated teacher to that particular course.

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  • If notified of cancellation at least 2 weeks before the start date of the course you will receive a refund with a deduction of INR 1000.

  • If notified of cancellation during the 2 weeks prior to the start of the course, the student will be charged for one week of the course plus taxes, if applicable. The difference in the sum paid will be returned via bank transfer.

  • If prior to the start of the course or in the middle of course, due to any unavoidable reasons candidate not able to pursue the course and can choose the next coming schedule for same course as per his choice within a period of 3 months. This is conditional on the term that the student needs to notify the institute in written letter or email prior to the start of the course. Also the candidate needs to join the course where he left.

  • Once the course has started then full or partial cancellation will not be permitted. If the course has not already been paid for, the student will be charged for the full course.

  • The Institute reserves the right to cancel courses or postpone it, if the number of students does not meet the required minimum, or due to acts of God or any unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of the Institute then institute will either refund the total sum of the enrollment fee or will enroll the candidate in the next coming scheduled course on the confirmation of candidate


  • The student must carry his/her identification ID provided by Institute to access the Institute.

  • The use of mobile phones inside the classrooms, library, labs and conference area is strictly prohibited. Students must either put their mobile phones in silent mode or turn them off.

  • The Institute shall not be responsible for any object of value forgotten or lost by students in the classrooms or institute.

  • In the case that a candidate is found damaging the property or assets of institute then the candidate shall be liable to pay for damages.

  • Smoking inside the Institute premises and peripheral grounds is strictly prohibited.

  • The Institute reserves the right to expel students who intentionally damage the building or steal any of the property contained therein; behave inappropriately; harass another student or any member of the personnel, forfeiting any claims on the refund of the enrollment fees.

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  • Only an enrolled candidate reserves the right to utilize the accommodation allotted by the Institute on payment basis.

  • If the student opts for the accommodation then he shall be liable to pay monthly advance rent with one-month security deposit.

  • Any earlier arrival or vacating later than the schedule allotment of accommodation will require extra payment on per day basis.

  • The price of accommodation includes the utilization of the furnished room. Electricity, food and laundry service are extra.