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English for Hispanic speaker

If you speak Spanish and you arrived in India but do not know English or it is supremely basic, do not worry, The Lexicos offers you this Program with a methodology focused on teaching the language for a real purpose and with a focus oriented to the action. Through different activities, you will be able to identify the aspects of the language that you need to improve in order to obtain greater fluency and precision in the use of the language doing the practice in a real environment.


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If you are thinking of being in India for a season or studying or working, then you cannot miss this sensational course (HINGLISH COURSE), which aims to help foreigners and nationals to communicate in their daily life in India. This has included a series of practical exercises based on everyday situations that enrich the study experience and reinforce the knowledge acquired. Each class is covered in communicative and practical functions, using teaching materials such as videos, texts and collaborative activities that enhance knowledge and stimulate student perseverance.


HoursPrices(Rs)Prices on weekend(Rs)

Include all taxes and Books.

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Best Cultural Language Institute in Gurgaon

Corporate & business

Prerequisites – Person must have B2 level

Language training for

  • IT companies,
  • Import-Export Traders,
  • Hotels, Call center and more.

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