Best Language Institute in Gurgaon

Why Lexicos?

  • We are one of the institutes in Delhi-NCR, which has an expert team of native language speakers.

  • Our approach is to make the language learning as a pleasurable experience.

  • Integrating retrospective learning practices with social and cultural aspects to develop a strong linguistic & lexical base.

  • A set of academicians and professionals have structured the courses and curriculums.They have considerable experience in languages from eminent institutes in India and abroad.

  • All general courses are comprehensive as per specific requirements and levels, with qualified learning hours (60 to 70 Hours).

  • For European languages, our teaching paradigm has been aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CERF).

  • Moreover, we help our deserving students to acquire skilled jobs to pursue as a linguistic professional.

  • Co-op programmes to study and to work as an intern or partial time professional for the language related jobs.

  • Offering specialized Courses

  1. Stratified courses from kids to professionals.

  2. Specialized faculty courses for language’ teachers to augment their linguistic and academic skills.

  3. Customized courses for professionals in IT, hotels, journalism, concierge, import-export, media and BPO services.

  4. Offering tuitions to school going students for their specific academic requirement.